Re: High IQ?-Get a life!
Sat, 14 Aug 1999 20:01:51 EDT

When I was in high school, occasionally my friends and I would compare our high SAT scores, our IQ testings and whether we would be eligible for the Mensa or Mega society, etc. Similar to what you people are doing! When I look back, the esteem and ego-satisfaction in talking about our high test and IQ scores and other such obnoxious behavior was basically a substitute for the fact that none of us guys were getting laid. No one likes to listen to a braggert!

Simply put, when we all discovered deep, romantic relationships in college, IQ testings, etc., forever became the furthest thing on our minds. There were far too many other exciting, stimulating things to do with our time then to ponder the intricacies of mental testing!

Endless bragging about one's intellectual, or other prowesses will, like zits, end when you young adults find that the last thing anyone else is interested in is your IQ. Rather, they are more deeply fascinated with what kind of person you are, emotionally and socially.