Re: Mir defies Paris eclipse doom-sayer, gets unique view

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Thu, 12 Aug 1999 18:40:30 +0200

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Objet : Re: Mir defies Paris eclipse doom-sayer, gets unique view

>Here in Stockholm we only got a 70% eclipse, but the weather was a
>beautiful summer day, so I spent the eclipse hour outside with a small
>telescope, using it to image the sun on a piece of cardboard. Most of
>the neighbourhood children appeared to watch, and I got the chance to
>explain a bit of optics and astronomy for them. A small thing, but
>becoming the trusted neighborhood scientist is a good way of spreading
>the memes and combatting silliness like Paco Rabanne's predictions.

If I remember well he had made the promise to close his mouth forever if his last prediction is wrong ;) I don't know well the content of his predictions, just the basic ideas... automated filters... Still, I found "interesting" that the guy was efficiently managing to spread his stupidity outside the french side of the world.. Is it possible for him to have so much influence in Sweden?
I will repeat myself 16 times today that the world is far more interconnected than I was thinking previously ;)...