Re: I want to remove myself from this list.

E. Shaun Russell (
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 20:30:26 -0700

Loren and Leslie wrote:
>You people sway off your theme to much to be called a list from my point
of >view, this list seems to be just a bunch of people who like to jabber "about >anything". You seem to have no rules for posting, if so the rules should be >posted nightly.

Though you are very correct in your assertion that this list has many people who "jabber about anything," it is only one list of quite a few which are available on future-related topics. This particular list is fairly free in form (in regards to posting) and the rules are given to each address as it joins this forum. One major point, however, is that this list is not indicative of the way the Extropy Institute is run, nor of many of the progressive efforts individual members are involved with "behind the scenes." Personally, this list has become a decreasing part of my life in the years I have been involved with Extropy, and am currently working on other projects which have more value in this area. So in a nutshell, this list can get tedious, but if you stay tuned into some of the other developments alongside this semi-casual forum, it can retain at least *some* enjoyment.

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