cryonics for all who attended the Conference

Spike Jones (
Mon, 09 Aug 1999 20:02:44 -0700

> john grigg was thrilled
> to hear Spike Jones say that he was going to convert his collection of taped
> lectures into text for those who could not attend.

Ja, but I did not tape them myself. I volunteer to transcribe tapes if people send me copies of theirs. I figure Im good for about 4 hours of talks, which would be about 20%. Need ~4 other transcribers.

> Of course I doubt there
> were any people costumed as Klingons or Vulcans there!

I went disguised as an aerospace engineer. {8^D

> advancing cryonics forward in terms of advertising or fund-raising?

John, this is not the answer to your question, but I did get a paradigm shift from talking to Eric Drexler. I confessed to him that I found the whole notion of cryonics most distasteful, and that I was willing to try *anything* including caloric restriction, giving up masturbation, *anything*, in order to live long enough to upload without having to take the ol' cold bath. His point was, the only other two options to cryonics currently is to be incinerated or devoured by microbes. Ill take... nitrogen for 500 please Alex.

Nowthen, with current thinking, there is a good chance that one would need to be frozen *anyway*, in order to be uploaded. Or, not so? Seems conceptually easier for nanoprobes to measure the positions of each neuron, and the... [what?] of each synapse, in order to map the brain into a machine, if the brain is not moving while the process is taking place. Or is this in line with current thinking?