For all of you who attended the Conference

john grigg (
Mon, 09 Aug 1999 15:27:01 PDT

Hello everyone,

I wish I had been to Extro 4 but could not make it. And so I was thrilled to hear Spike Jones say that he was going to convert his collection of taped lectures into text for those who could not attend. I just hope that all of you with taped lectures will help in this so those who did not attend will get to know what they missed.

I also hope that those of you that took photographs will post them on your homepages so we can get a better idea of what happened. At the standard gaming and fantasy cons that is standard practice. Of course I doubt there were any people costumed as Klingons or Vulcans there!

Was there any planning sessions in terms of advancing cryonics forward in terms of advertising or fund-raising? Did the meeting spoken of on the digest ever take place?

Please share with the non-attendees on the extropians digest what your impressions were of the Extro and what was the most educational and the most fun. Please give us a feel for it!

Sincerely planning to attend next year no matter what,

John Grigg

P.S. Max and Natasha please make those extropian cable shows available to all of us in one format or another!! I realize you are very busy people but we would all appreciate it so much.

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