Re: Saturn V

Doug Jones (
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 22:59:48 -0700

Sorry to break it to you, but the real Saturn V's are still lying on their sides, the erect one is a sheetmetal replica. In any event, they are beyond salvage, decades of corrosion have made them mere lawn ornaments.

Philip Witham wrote:
> >a Saturn V on display for years, disassembled and lying on its side. They
> >finally wised up in time for 7/20/99 and put the darned thing together
> >standing up in the front yard. It's the most beautiful artifact in
> Its... Standing up now? Ye gods! Must go see. I hope it has a few guy wires.
> Hey, let's sneak in there at night with a few million pounds of LOx, Kerosene and liquid hydrogen and go for a ride!
> Oh, durn, that won't work.
> -PW

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