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> > I can agree with you on the grounds that within our current resource
> > constraints, we have to more prudent in prioritizing what we spend our
> > money on, and the 'Face on Mars' may certainly not fall into that
> > category. What I object to is the unfair categorization you have
> > thrown on Mac Tonnies. Calling him a 'crackpot' IMHO crossed the line
> > from civility to bullying. As extropians I expect that we can make
> > the most sincere attempts to resist such temptations despite our all
> > too human urges to the contrary.
> Mr. Tonnies may not be a rabid crackpot like Hoagland, but my post
> "how to spot a crackpot" pointed out common rhetorical tricks and
> and easily-spotted signs of such psychoceramics that critical
> thinkers should recognize and beware of. If pointing out bullshit
> in uncivil, then civility is overrated.
Sometimes pointing out bullshit can get you tossed from this list.
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