Re: Melatonin, other sleep cycle affecting stuff, info please
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 08:27:37 EDT

In a message dated 99-07-19 00:46:36 EDT, (O'Regan, Emlyn) wrote:

> I remember reading about Melatonin - is it useful in this context? Are there
> other drugs/supplements which can help with a freaky sleep cycle?

I started using melatonin when I was traveling overseas frequently and found that it worked very well to adjust my diurnal cycle quickly and with no noticeable side-effects. About 2 years ago, after reading about how the body's natural melatonin production begins to decline from about age 30 on and its important anti-oxidant functions, I began taking melatonin regularly here at home, 3 mg one-half hour before bedtime. My sleep has certainly improved and I've had no adverse side-effects (and I get regular, in-depth medical exams).

I don't know what sort of effects there might be from using melatonin on a regular basis to shift one's diurnal cycle back and forth, but don't believe experimenting with it for a while would be harmful.

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