Re:Market efficiency and umbrellas.

diana singh (
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 11:01:34 -0700 (PDT)

J.R. wants to know what I recommend as an umbrella.

What purpose does an umbrella serve in the rain? It prevents you from getting wet.

What are it's other advantages?
It's handy, it sometimes protects you against the sun, you can hit someone with it, it feels good to hold on to, you love to hear the rain hitting the cloth, you can hide your face if you don't want to meet someone...

What are it's disadvantages?
You sometimes forget to bring it home because you left it at the grocery store, in heavy rain it makes a mess of you rather than protecting you, it does not dry quickly...

There are a few things for the stock market which have similar traits;

Money, Mind, Memory, Discipline, Knowledge(Technical & Fundamental), Management(of money and time).

I am sure you are more aware than me about these things but it was good to refresh myself.One thing that can get you killed in the market is a bit of hands off approach. It does not help to be away from the market or to avoid discussing it.I know(as you and others might also be aware) of the monday morning false starts in the trading ring(ours is totally computerised via VSAT network thru satellite).



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