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Sun, 04 Jul 1999 16:23:18 -0700

> From: Sasha Chislenko <>
> After a few messages related to sexual abuse,
> I'd like to generalize the issue. ...

> Case 1:
> Entity A makes a non-consensual impact on the entity B.
> For example, fills B's memory with something B doesn't
> want to have, or subtracts from its body or possession,
> without any rational justification for it, such as preventing
> harm to third parties.
> This is clearly rape, evil, and should be illegal - right?

That seems too general. TV, political speeches, an unpleasantdemeanor, etc. might be considered unwanted memories.

> Case 2.
> Entity A makes an impact on entity B that B is not in
> full capacity to assess consciously.

But can anyone at all be considered "in full capacity..."? Imo, no.So some sort of guidelines would be needed.

> Even if B likes the
> effects, it's statutory rape, if A can't reasonably prove
> that the action was guided by the rational expectation of
> B's benefit. Examples include circumcision (if it's illegal
> to touch child's genitals, it should definitely be illegal
> to cut them, right?),

I think the american (male) population is comprised of people thatwere extremely sexually abused as children, i.e. circumsized. A person commiting or aquiescing to this act is imo, a sex offender of the first order. cf Institute of Psychohistory (online, don't have url). I also think there is a strong correlation between sexual abuse and sexual repression (e.g. puritans, christian coalition, etc.). It would be very interesting to learn of the childhood history of the folks behind the Massachusettes sex offense bill that Sasha recently commented on.

> religious indoctrination (people should
> be able to understand, and consent to, sex, much earlier than
> they can estimate the impact of non-rational universal
> ontologies on the future evolution of their worldviews).
> The impact of priests on young children would be much less
> harmful if they limited it to the occasional abuse of their
> bodies, rather than persistent mutilation of their minds...

I've wondered if "Religion is Mental Abuse" would catch on asa bumper sticker slogan.


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