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>This isn't meant as an endorsement of any particular interpretation of
>so-called "alien abduction," so please don't inundate me with allegations of

Crank! Occultist! Heretic! Supersti......sorry, force of habit. :)

>I _do_ think that the abduction phenomenon deserves scientific
>study; also, I would be surprised if we found out the perpetrators were
>"extraterrestrials" in the classic sense.

I agree on both points.

>But what I read on the subject sometimes strikes me as descriptions of
>extropian technologies. Witnesses describe the aliens' uncanny ability to
>levitate and walk through walls: sounds like utility fog to me. And I
>remember a description of a levitation "ray" used by an apparent craft that
>looked "grainy": possible refraction caused by the presence of copious

This is a definite possibillity, and unfortunatly, as far as I'm aware, not one that have been mentioned in any book on the subject. (UFO's, that is, not nanotech.)

>Also, most of the saucers sighted by witnesses are sleek and seamless.
>Interior lighting is apparently sourceless. This sort of thing is right out
>of "Engines of Creation." One witness said the inside of the craft looked
>"poured from a single mold," which is exactly what we would expect from a
>vehicle sculpted by nanomachines.
>Maybe the so-called alien presence is some form of projection showing us
>what's ahead on our technological horizon; remember
that the UFO phenomenon,
>in its earliest modern form, took the appearance of "ghost rockets" over
>Scandinavia during a period when rocket research was in its infancy.
And do
>I even need to mention the phantom airships of the late 1800s?
>Maybe this is a form of quantum mentation in action. (Or maybe
it's really
>aliens--transtemporal, ET or otherwise. But that's not the focus of this

*whimsical speculation mode on*

One 'transhuman possibillity', put forward by John Keel and others, are that we are being not-so-subtly tested/influenced by a Power. Perhaps the Singularity has already occured and we're the descendants of the neophobes who refused to take part.....

Peter Lakbar

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