Alien abductions and supertechnology
Sat, 3 Jul 1999 21:50:11 EDT

This isn't meant as an endorsement of any particular interpretation of so-called "alien abduction," so please don't inundate me with allegations of pseudoscience! I _do_ think that the abduction phenomenon deserves scientific study; also, I would be surprised if we found out the perpetrators were
"extraterrestrials" in the classic sense.

But what I read on the subject sometimes strikes me as descriptions of extropian technologies. Witnesses describe the aliens' uncanny ability to levitate and walk through walls: sounds like utility fog to me. And I remember a description of a levitation "ray" used by an apparent craft that looked "grainy": possible refraction caused by the presence of copious nanomachines?

Also, most of the saucers sighted by witnesses are sleek and seamless. Interior lighting is apparently sourceless. This sort of thing is right out of "Engines of Creation." One witness said the inside of the craft looked
"poured from a single mold," which is exactly what we would expect from a
vehicle sculpted by nanomachines.

Maybe the so-called alien presence is some form of projection showing us what's ahead on our technological horizon; remember that the UFO phenomenon, in its earliest modern form, took the appearance of "ghost rockets" over Scandinavia during a period when rocket research was in its infancy. And do I even need to mention the phantom airships of the late 1800s?

Maybe this is a form of quantum mentation in action. (Or maybe it's really aliens--transtemporal, ET or otherwise. But that's not the focus of this post.)

Mac Tonnies