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It far more complex than the old labels would have us believe. We are now in The New World Order, an interventionist model of social control that would make Nazi's and Communists blush. This is a multi level government\corporate system of social control justified by every blown out of proportion media event.

For the latest round take a look at:

              Zeal to Rein In Teens Grows, as Does Backlash 
              By MELISSA HEALY, Times Staff Writer

The recent decision to exempt states from federal law is another example as this will lead to many state and local laws which infringe on individual rights.

Also the recent changes to medicare will intrude in the doctor/patient relationship. Under the new rules if your doctor recommended a procedure not covered by medicare you could not pay them directly.

Another example are the recent attempts to control content on the Internet.

These are not new trends. You might want to take a look at James Bovard's 1994 book "Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty"

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> Theta 8008 <> On Friday, July 02, 1999 Wrote:
> > their argument against Anarcho-Capitalism is that "bosses"
> >and managers constitute a state.
>It's easy to start my own company, it's not easy to start my
>own state.
>I'm a little curious, what euphemism for "state" have the
>"stateless socialists" invented to describe the entity that forces
>people who don't want to be socialists (like me) to give up their property?
> John K Clark
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