Re: anti-spam strategies

den Otter (
Thu, 1 Oct 1998 01:13:06 +0100

> From: Michael Lorrey <>
> Strategy 1: Charge fees: As some on the list may know, I charge a $250.00 fee for
> processing unsolicited commercial email messages. Every time I receive a spam
> which uses a juno account in the body of the message as a response email address,
> I send a bill to juno's postmaster for $250.00. Their account balance is now
> $1500.00. I've given them three days to refuse charges on each instance, and 30
> days to pay the charges, and will impose a 18.5% finance charge for balances due
> over 30 days.
> Strategy 2: I warn juno in each message that they are in violation of RICO Act
> statues by colluding with perpetrators of theft of electronic services.
> Apparently, there are means of civil redress under the RICO Act, where a person
> or persons can sue violators of the RICO Act. I am currently researching what it
> would take to file a class action lawsuit against on these grounds.
> Anyone here is welcome to become in volved in this effort. If you are interested
> in getting in on this lawsuit, respond to me at: Please
> provide a zip file with text copies of all spam messages you have received
> related to to add to the evidence files.

If it doesn't cost me too much (preferably notning), and there 's a profit to be made, count me in...How much, if any, money could be made from this action? Would be nice to have some cash for a change...