Re: Scooping Up and Blending Knowledge (book?)

Spike Jones (
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 21:32:53 -0700

> Spike wrote: >..."if one book, which, and why?"
> Natasha Vita More (fka Nancie Clark) wrote: There is no one book, there is
> no one discipline of study or interest centralizing "the" way. This was the
> point of my post.
> Sets of doers, thinkers crossing the boundaries of disciplines and
> closed-door specializations, have tremendous influence on our lives and our
> future. We might be asking ourselves what makes our extropian
> transhumanity...

well said natasha. actually, i have come to depend on the web and my extropian associates much more than books for the exchange of ideas crossing the boundaries of disciplines, etc.

please, i value your answer highly, so be a sport. {8^D whats your favorite book?