Re: Stupidlity and rudeness on the list

Kathryn Aegis (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 15:27:54 -0700 (PDT)

At 11:14 AM 8/10/98 -0500, Natasha Vita More (fka Nancie Clark) wrote:
>To be sure some women have left this list because of the inappropriate
>statements about women. However, I know of no women who has left ExI
>because of this. Most extropian women are not on this list.

Natasha, I have left ExI because of this, two weeks ago. You knew this two weeks ago. Please do not make statements that are not based in fact. I continue to support ExI's goals, but the environment for those of us not based in California is not supportive to women of my demographics, based on my experience. If ExI wants to do something about that, I welcome the action, but I have to move on to more supportive groups.

Thank you.