Re: Logic of Zero

J. Maxwell Legg (
Sun, 27 Sep 1998 12:26:47 +1200

Ian Goddard wrote:
> >At 10:37 AM 9/26/98 +1200, J. Maxwell Legg wrote:
> >>
> >> YAYA: While this essay clearly proves IAN GODDARD = 0,
> >> in Egyptian mirror mathematics there is no zero, which
> >> might explain why cats are psychic.
> IAN: I should address J. Maxwell's apparent attempt
> at a logical argument. First I will attempt to make
> it: It seems that his argument is that because there
> is a system of numbers that does not include zero,
> that which is derived from a system with zero is
> not to be taken seriously. That is an argument
> against the entire system of modern mathematics.

On the contrary, I take very seriously a zero based system that gave rise to things like research on the death penalty, capitalism, catholicism, the U.N. and indeed very effective forms of hypocritical suppression. This along with my belief that computers would ultimately be able to gain greater AI power by reverting to a context sensitive form of mathematics is why I became a heretic.

Systems need to change and they need to be able to anticipate their own future behavior or change and the constructions that permit them to see themselves across some stages of change. My gut feeling is that zero can't do this. That's why I spat back a barbed compliment in response to your troll. The fact that you objected to IAN GODDARD = 0 shows to me that you have some residual doubt in your own theory.