Logic of Zero

Ian Goddard (Ian@Goddard.net)
Sat, 26 Sep 1998 14:07:46 -0400

>At 10:37 AM 9/26/98 +1200, J. Maxwell Legg wrote:
>> YAYA: While this essay clearly proves IAN GODDARD = 0,
>> in Egyptian mirror mathematics there is no zero, which
>> might explain why cats are psychic.

IAN: I should address J. Maxwell's apparent attempt at a logical argument. First I will attempt to make it: It seems that his argument is that because there is a system of numbers that does not include zero, that which is derived from a system with zero is not to be taken seriously. That is an argument against the entire system of modern mathematics.

The fact that primitive societies had number systems that did not count higher than 3 is hardly reason to reject mathematical conclusions over 3. I for one believe that the system of complex numbers, of which the reals are a proper subset, is the most accurate logical system for mapping the structure of reality.

Maxwell is, on the other hand, free to believe that "Egyptian mirror mathematics" is a more reliable system; I would only hope that he could at least attempt to formulate a case for why that is so.

A better candidate for a zeroless number system might be the Alternative Number System (ANS), about which I posted here some months ago. Despite my initial glowing review of the ANS, further study clearly reveals why it is inferior to the current system of positional numeration, and thereby why zero is the single most important number in our Hindu system of numeration. ANS: http://flash.lakeheadu.ca/~bforslun/convert.html

The Utility and Value of Zero

" [T]he Indian sunya [zero] was destined to become the turning point in a development without which the progress of modern science, or commerce is

     inconceivable. ... In the history of culture, 
      the invention of zero will always stand out 
        as one of the greatest single achieve-
              ments of the human race." 

                    Tobias Dantzig
           "Number, The Language of Science"
                 Macmillan Press, 1967

             Zero: Gateway To Enlightenment

      "He who contemplates on sunya...is absorbed 
       into space. . . think on the Great Void un-
       ceasingly. The Great Void, whose beginning 
       is void, whose middle is void, [and] whose 
       end is void...By contemplating continually 
        on this, one obtains success [nirvana]."

            The Siva Samhita (5:47,160,161)

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