Re: Wanted: Extropia Article
Tue, 8 Sep 1998 15:41:17 EDT

den Otter wrote:

>I'm looking for the following article: "Extropia", 8 Extropy Magazine 35
>(Winter 1991-92). So far I've only found a dead(?) link at T.0. Morrow's
>website. Is this article available online somewhere?

Yes, I've yet to upload that article. You can, however, get a copy of the original by ordering a copy of the back issue from ExI.

In the meanwhile, I offer you the abstract:

Hope for the future plays an important role in Extropian thought. In order to protect our hopes from apathy and doubt, we ought to begin working now to create a community where we can pursue Extropianism freely. We can best imagine this community--call it "Extropia"--as the social realization of Extropian principles. Extropia's primary feature is the requirement that all who join it explicitly agree to do so. We can create Extropia founding a series of social organizations, each one offering us greater opportunities to practice Extropianism than the one before.

T.0. Morrow