Ground Control To Major Max

Jonathan Grimes (
Tue, 8 Sep 98 08:38:19 UT

I have grown tired of waiting for Max to show up.

Is Extropy really an institute ?

The clock is ticking.

I want answers.

I am still waiting for that apology.
I am 100 % serious. I want an apology from the Extropy Insititute and I had better get one.

What the hell did Extropy think it was playing at attempting to blame me for the


I didn't even know they existed until someone else brought the matter to the lists attention.

Do you think the rest of the world does not apply to you or something ? Think again. It is people like you who are making transhumanists look like a bunch of cultists. I for one am sick to death of this "Extropy" bullshit. You think the law does not apply to you. Well I will use that exact same logic in dealing with you. Use your imagination.

I suggest you think long and hard before ever doing anything like that again. You might be able to bully academics on this list but I think you will have some serious problems from now on.

What exactly is the official statement on that hush hush let's all sweep it under the rug affair ? Or did you blame it all on the FEDS : )

I can wait forever if necessary.

This conspiracy of silence is pathetic and futile.

Extropy really is a rum outfit. Very unprofessional. I have my doubts about it being an institute. I am starting to think it is something else completely different.

If you think that I am going to go away think again. If you think that if you keep quiet long enough I will start howling like a wolf think again.

Well Max I have to go now. I am trying to grow an Extropy garden. I also asked at the local gardening store for some Extropy seeds but they said that they had never heard of Extropy. Extropy can be grow can't it ?

Ground control to major Max Section 8 More....


I suggest you respond.