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Mon, 07 Sep 1998 23:22:10 -0500

Singularity Analysis
A Series of Educated Guesses

A few conclusions drawn from "Coding A Transhuman AI". About 65K.

I tried to summarize from _Coding_, so you can hopefully follow along if you're willing to take my word for a few summarized assertions. Deep understanding or persuasion probably requires that you bite the bullet and read _Coding_.

I will post highlights as my response to some comments.

Current Table of Contents:

  1. AI:  Human-equivalence and transhumanity. Trajectory analysis:  Does human AI imply superhuman AI? In response to:  Max More, Hanson.
  2. Zone Barriers. A canonical list of shields from the Singularity. In response to:  Vernor Vinge, Nielsen.
  3. Superintelligent motivations. Mostly summarizes _Coding_'s sections on goals.  Some arguments. Necessary to item 4.
  4. Unknowability:  Evaporation of the human ontology. The complexity barrier and the simplicity barrier. In response to:  Damien Sullivan, Bostrum, Hanson, More, Nielsen.

I don't plan to post from _Motivations_ or _Unknowability_.

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