Re: ART: Mental-enhancing music

Anders Sandberg (
07 Sep 1998 19:10:36 +0200

Kathryn Aegis <> writes:

> If someone were actually writing a program to produce the 'perfect' music, I
> would have to tell that person: don't give me what I want, don't play the
> notes I expect to hear--give me something to blow away the flabbier neurons,
> knife-edged to cut away complacency, trash my assumptions and leave me
> floundering in the deep end of the pool....

Hmm, isn't that truly extropian music in the sense that it helps you grow and develop? (the floundering part might need some help, through - I always think the artist should give the audience a sporting chance :-).

It is also interesting from an information theoretical point of view. Music you can predict doesn't give you any new information - it is the unexpected stuff that is information-rich. Of course, not all information is equal.

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