Re: Re: [BOOKS] Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars.
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 10:16:27 EDT writes:


> I have to agree with Tom, on the basis of reading the first in the series.
> I had very little interest in reading the second.

I enjoyed the series immensely. The economics were kind of goofy, but that shows up in a lot of fiction. Besides, it's not like humans have *never* had communitarian economics. Do you consider it impossible that Martians would set up a suboptimal economic system?

P.S.: Red Mars and Green Mars were the best. The storyline is kind of meandering
in Blue Mars; Blue Mars seems mostly just an excuse to talk about ideas on terraforming Mars and habitable designs for other areas in the solar system. They are, however, seriously neat concepts. Red and Green have neat ideas too,
and good plots as well.