Re: [BOOKS] Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars.

Max More (
Sat, 29 Aug 1998 00:18:35 -0700

At 01:11 AM 8/29/98 -0400, T0Morrow wrote:
>[...]While I enjoyed the hard sci-fi
>approach to the mega-scale engineering issues, I found Robinson's grasp of
>social institutions utterly implausible. In particular, his weakness in
>matters economic fairly well ruined the story line for me. [...]
>Additionally, Robinson's hard sci-fi largely ignores some of the most
>interesting issues to Extropians: computational advances and nanotech.
His is
>a very old-fashioned sort of sci-fi, both in terms of technology and "rule of
>the experts" economics. I found it unconvincing and out-of-date.

I have to agree with Tom, on the basis of reading the first in the series. I had very little interest in reading the second.

I'm waiting for the next Greg Egan novel...


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