Re: SENTISM - gabgab

J. Maxwell Legg (
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 01:49:16 +1200

Anders Sandberg wrote:

> Avatar Polymorph <> writes:
> > I believe extensive ethical discussion now would be very wise. Any
> > attempt to restrict practical initial telomere therapy to an elite might
> > annoy everyday people.
> Has anybody really proposed that? At least here on the list the
> consensus seems to be the reverse, that new technologies should be
> made as available as possible through efficient means. I have noted
> that worries about this kind of restriction crop up more among people
> who are not part of the transhumanist discussions; they seem to be
> based on a fairly limited understanding of economics and politics.

Yes, people here have proposed that the first SIs or what have you will come from the super wealthy. Also, excuse me; but when you sandbag by saying it takes a limited understanding of economics and politics to become worried over these matters aren't you being patronizing, to say the least? In fact the more understanding I get the more worried I become that there are undeniably plausible conspiracies out there amongst the blinkered Skull and Bones types on this planet which will meet out real doom towards the world's poor. Why is it then, that when I had less understanding I was less worried?