Re: SV: Re: AGING: List Members Experiences with Melatonin?

Anders Sandberg (
24 Aug 1998 18:10:11 +0200 writes:

> > This is my (extremely limited, two data points) experience too. It
> > does wonders with jet-lag, and this is a well documented area.
> Really ? Someone ought to tell that to my body. I travel three times a
> year between Tokyo and the States alone (RT). It hasn't worked for me !

The problem with all drugs is that people are different, and a drug that is extremely potent in me could be worthless for you. Some people may have a resistance to exogenous melatonin, or a circadian rhythm that remains disturbed much longer due to jet-lag than for others. My guess is that the thing to look for is other substances involved in the circadian rhythm, so that they can be used in combination with melatonin to lock it more efficently.

> In my case, it induces momentary grogginess, which passes after about twenty
> minutes. My father is a pharmacist, I've tried several brands. The label
> on one brand suggests to keep popping 'em each time you wake up, so I'm
> probably not the only person with this problem.

That sounds rather suspicious; imagine a sleeping pill with that label! Melatonin might be fairly safe, but it isn't a good idea to pile it up in the system.

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