Re: chambers-grimes hoax and chimps

Hara Ra (
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 23:57:15 -0700

>i worry somewhat that my post regarding transplantation of
>one's head onto the body of a chimp might be taken as
>a malicious chambers-like hoax, but it was not intended
>as a gag. perhaps baboons would be cheaper? can you
>take baboons from the wild? i dont think you can do
>that with chimps. the experiment only has to keep your
>brain alive for a short time until one can get frozen. spike
The requirements to have the chimp ready, the OR ready, etc, let alone the problems re tissue rejection, hormones, etc, are much more than those for having a transport team standby and the equipment set up for immediate cooling upon pronounciation of death. And soon, the assisted suicide laws will make things even more feasible. One major concern with primate bodies is whether a brain grafted to them will be damaged by the various biochemical differences.

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