Re: chambers-grimes hoax and chimps

Michelle Jones (
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 12:44:04 -0700

spike wrote:
>rearrange the letters of jonathan grimes to get jenny peter chambers?

James Rogers wrote:
>If I am not mistaken, the word is "anagram". A palindrome is a phrase that
>has a symmetrical character sequence (e.g. "Madam, I'm Adam").

yup you're right james . i juggled the letters trying to find a middle name that would make jenny peter chambers an anagram, but couldnt do it. sigh. when a gag is being played i always hope for a sophisticated one. good satire is that which so resembles reality that one is unsure if the piece is actually satire. "jenny" was too obvious to be much fun. {8-[ i try to maintain a sense of humor even if the jokester is up to no good... {8^D

i worry somewhat that my post regarding transplantation of one's head onto the body of a chimp might be taken as a malicious chambers-like hoax, but it was not intended as a gag. perhaps baboons would be cheaper? can you take baboons from the wild? i dont think you can do that with chimps. the experiment only has to keep your brain alive for a short time until one can get frozen. spike