RE: Joe Newman's Magic Motor

Sean Parker (
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 10:26:42 -0400

> he's an inventor from Mississippi (oxymoron?). I think he invented
> those bar bells that have concrete inside plastic sheaths. Anyways,
> Joe also has a weekly radio show in Phoenix, AZ where he talks about
> physics and electronics and his nutso religious stuff.

Damnit! I already dislike this guy... What a coincidence. The other day I was bitching and whining because a piece of plastic had come loose while I was "working out" with one of those plastic coated dumbells from the 70's. It popped out and gashed my arm pretty deeply since I didn't notice I was drving it into my skin as I lifted the weight...

Tell him _I_ will sue his ass for fucking up my arm if he doesn't snap himself to reality and cut out the quackery.