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Michelle Jones (
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 23:05:36 -0700

> <Hara Ra writes:

> >>The latest Cryonics mag has a provocative article by Saul Kent arguing
> >>that the main reason for low interest in cryonics is almost universal
> >>disbelief that it will work.

i convinced myself that unless one could get at least some family orfriends to come along, it might not be worthwhile to try cryonics, so... i started with my own family. two grandmothers and my father flatly refused. my mother listened to my pitch, then asked what i thought of the chances of success. i estimated 5 to 10 percent, definitely worth a shot. she thought it over and said something that i found touching. the quote as close as i can recall:

i estimate the probability of success much lower than you do, but if you wanted to spend your inheritance to get me frozen, and you think it would make it easier to say goodbye, then i do not object.

it brought tears to my eyes. spike