Re: Thoughts on Schindler's List (spoilers?)

Robin Hanson (
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 12:48:39 -0700

Kennita writes:
>Let's start with cryonics -- a slim chance, but your best one at the
>moment, should death come after you. Do you have enough to pay
>startup costs, insurance, annual fees, for a chance to save that most
>important life?

The latest Cryonics mag has a provocative article by Saul Kent arguing that the main reason for low interest in cryonics is almost universal disbelief that it will work. This contrasts to arguments of most cryonics salesfolk that the major barriers are confronting death, wanting to live in a possibly-weird future with few people you know, letting your family know you're going to do something weird and icky-looking, etc.

Sounds like Kennita is in the later camp, but Saul may be right.

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