re: Sandberg's Transhuman Art Exhibit

boogie woogie (
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 08:06:30 PDT

Some comments = Summary opinion is the 'exhibition' is heavy on eye candy and light on content. I'm a graphic artist with a computer gaming company and I fancy myself a transhumanists too so I can comment on both sides of the coin.

>From an technical art standpoint there was nothing there that you cant
find in an AOL graphics forum. No epiphany engines. The rendering work was mediocre. It was good for an amateur. Im assuming Sandberg is not a formally trained graphic artist. Several illumination problems, questionable material and vector calls. But nothing requiring
crucifixion. :-)

I havent figured out the whole 'transhuman art' concept yet so its hard for me to judge whether Sandberg succeeded. I doubt anything I saw would inspire someone to change their views about transhumanism. Then again you can say that about everything Ive seen that is called transhuman or extropian art. Anyway.....


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