SPACE: Roton in New Scientist

Mike Linksvayer (
Sat, 1 Aug 1998 01:22:21 -0400

The current New Scientist has a feature on Roton available at <>. Briefly, a Roton craft's engine spins on ascent, saving the weight of fuel pumps, and a helicopter like propeller opens during descent to help accomplish a soft landing. These and other improvements could supposedly provide an eighty percent reduction in cost/kg relative to conventional rockets.

I believe someone mentioned the Roton on this list a year or two ago. Rotary Rocket <> seems to have made financial, political and technological progress since then. They have raised $17 million so far, expect to raise $30 million more this year, NASA administrator Daniel Goldin likes them, and they supposedly could do flight testing next March.

Mike Linksvayer