Re: FAQ: General
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 23:05:57 EDT

Elsewhere, in a message dated 98-07-31 19:04:39 EDT, Derek Strong wrote:

> We have also been considering how we might put Crit to use on Extropy
> and possibly the ExI site itself. Does anyone on this list have the
> knowledge
> and time to help with this, or at least offer advice on how to get it
> If it's as good as it seems, it would be great for us to start using it in
> all ExI online publications, ja?

I may have missed discussion of using Crit in connection with EO . . . but I think it's a GREAT idea. Perhaps we could launch a Crit discussion of the Singularity piece(s) from the EO website?

Greg Burch