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Michelle Jones (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 23:04:06 -0700

>some of us use memetic replicators...

> Other examples of antagonistic memetic replicators are "nigger, kike, geek,
> redneck, ......truckdriver"...the list goes on and on...

it takes the sting out of antagonistic memetic replicators ifthe intended antagonizee turns it around and carries the title proudly. the most effective example of this i can think of is the homosexual community and the term "queer", by naming a gay organization "queer nation".

the racially charged memetic replicators, such as the famous n word we heard so much during the oj simpson trial, are never effectively co-opted. counterexample? i have called myself a computer geek many times, yet no one thought i was referring to eating live animals. i have been known to devour sushi with great enthusiam however... {8^D spike