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Tue, 28 Jul 1998 21:21:08 EDT

In an earlier post he said.

> All the "ADVANCED" and "EXTROPIC" people I know defend themselves with
> disintegration rays, or, if they can't afford disintegration rays, they use
> particle beam weapons. Anyone who is truly "ADVANCED" would rather die
> than use a primitive "gun"--that would label them for life as a backward
> hick....

To which I said:

>some of us use memetic replicators...

And as serendepity would have it...I just this morning discovered an example of other people doing it. Using a memetic replicator I mean.

One of the many horrible, disgusting, vile and appalling vices in which I indulge is that I read lots of Science Fiction. I prefer the good stuff but I'll take just about anything when the "hunger" gets intense.

Well I've recently endured a rather long dry spell...and I'm reading <blush>..."Hung Out"...by Margearet Weis and Don Perrin.

on page 198 it is said:

".....ranking somewhere above rats and rock-and-roll singers in intelligence; equal perhaps to those other herd animals, politicians; but below the rest of humanity."

I got a chuckle out of that...as it pretty well matches my own perspective.

But it also illustrates the "meme replicator"...perhaps one of the oldest...but still more deadly weapons available.

Natasha is aware of that as she said:

"And, as an aside, would you be kind enough to use "human" rather than "man."

                ..............in another thread she critiqued (unjustifiably
in my humble opinion)

Other examples of antagonistic memetic replicators are "nigger, kike, geek, redneck, ......truckdriver"...the list goes on and on.

Some look upon it as a problem....I kinda think of it as an opportunity....and constantly look for ways to harass and bring discomfort to my enemies. The writers of this book...and many, many, more that I have read seem to think so too. I've been noticing that in my area of interest such vile scum as politicians are not in great favor.

And they haven't figgered a way to register a memetic replicator yet...nor is there a waiting list on it's acquistion....