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>Some claim that there is only one person,
Yes, I claim that.
>one body, one brain, one physical entity.

Well I never claimed that because I don't think it's true, perhaps somebody on the list did but it certainly wasn't me.

>We know that atoms are interchangeable.

Exactly correct, interchangeable.

>All hydrogen atoms, for example, are identical.

Exactly correct, identical.

         >Any two hydrogen atoms can be switched with no discernible effect.
Exactly correct, no discernible effect.

>Does this mean that there is only one hydrogen atom in the entire

No, it means that if one hydrogen atom is in a process and you interchange it with another identical hydrogen atom there will be no discernible effect, not discernible by anyone, not even by Harvey Newstrom. This is true for any process, even the process in the brain of Harvey Newstrom or his copy that produces a feeling of self for Harvey Newstrom.

>This seems to be mysticism at its best

Thanks, I like to think so.

>Do other extropians really feel this way?

I don't know. Many Extropians write ideas about identity that are similar to mine, but if the Turing Test doesn't work then I have no idea how they really

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