Re: [UPLOADING] Uploading

Bryan Moss (
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 16:16:58 +0100

Harvey Newstrom wrote:

> Bryan Moss wrote:
> > Imagine for a minute sitting in a symmetrical
> > room looking at your copy from across a
> > symmetrical table. You both experience the
> > exactly same sensations, you both react to
> > them in exactly the same way, and you both
> > behave in exactly the same way. You try to
> > start a conversation, this is no different
> > from talking to yourself you know what you're
> > going to say, you know the answer, and you
> > "both" say it at the same time.
> Wrong.

You sound very sure of yourself.

> Suppose my copy and I want to move the table to
> one side. If we both point to the same wall,
> one would be pointing left while one would be
> pointing right.

Both of you point to your left and see the other pointing to your right – no divergence.

> Obviously we are not acting the same. If we
> both point right or we both point left, we will
> be pointing at different walls.

So you decide the walls are different and to check you write your name on the left-hand wall. Now both walls have your name on them and both instances of you are seeing the exact same thing – no divergence.

You cannot mark the walls, you cannot distinguish between them. You cannot even distinguish between yourself, you're seeing the same thing, doing the same thing. There are no differences.

> Obviously we cannot agree on which wall to point
> towards. Since we are different people in
> different locations, it is impossible for us to
> both act and react identically. As in this
> situation, we must diverge.

Agree? You can't even strike up a conversation – you’re talking to yourself.

Your problem with this scenario is not copying, uploading, or consciousness, but location. What is location? The wall in my example is in the same location, prove me wrong.