Re: Guns in Florida
Thu, 9 Jul 1998 20:23:06 EDT

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> > Of course we could also ignore theorising and actually look at places
> > like Florida
> Allright. I keep seeing these reference to Florida. I live in Florida,
> and I don't see gun violence decreasing. I fully believe that murders
> may have gone down, but gun violence seems to be way up since they
> allowed concealed weapons permits.

This illustrates an all too common phenenomenon.

I'm fully convinced that the news media no longer reports the news. If it ever did. What the news media does is attempt to influence public opinion. And since new news media is rabidly anti gun it's not difficult to imagine what they will report or how they will report it.

I think they'd probably blatantly lie to advance their cause. Make up news stories to support it. . Reference the CNN nerve gas stories. And for a historical perspective to illustrate how long this has been going on how about Hearst and the Spanish American War?

I know that they will mischarterisze in a heartbeat...a personal example is that I was in that little town in Arkansaw...(hillsboro?) just prior to the first of the nationallly acclaimed "kids shooting kids"....

It looks nothing like the news media makes it out to be.. Just a medium size town is all.