Re: Drooling Creationists?
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 22:32:00 EDT

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<< He was a creationist, but the committee decided that his religous beliefs didn't effect his work, which was excellent. >>

Through what method? Tea leaves? Chicken entrails? Sorry, I shouldn't be sarcastic, but the idea that someone can "partition" their beliefs in such a manner seems specious. Ones beliefs affect anything one does, wether or not one is consciously aware of this. This person may strive to eleminate any
"contamination" of his work by his beliefs. He will fail. He can't help it.
They aren't something he thinks about rationally, they are his beliefs, founded on and nurtured by his faith in them. It would be impossible for such a person to be both sane and to compartmentalize their thinking in such a way.

It seems odd to me that a creationist is found to be able to separate his beliefs from his work, but if an athiest applied for that same position and publicly called himself such, he'd stand about as much chance of getting the job as I would of flapping my arms and taking flight.