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>The only real danger of such a society would be the enormous number of
>deaths caused by lost tempers. And no, I do not think that an armed
>would result in less crime. I do think that it would result in more

Tempers would be more easily found, if the consequences for losing one were so often so lethal. No doubt there would be more deaths in the first several years. But this is not a result of having the guns, but of *not* having the guns previously.

> << >Thanks, but I'd rather not turn this country into a national
> >version of Dodge City.
> Dodge City was a pretty safe place to
> live before they started that sheriff racket. :)
> >>
>No it wasn't. Check the historical statistics on it.

I'll shut up about it now, as I don't feel like spending the time, and can't cite numbers off the top of my head.


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