Proposed definition of morality

Technotranscendence (
Sat, 4 Jul 1998 10:58:14 -0400 (EDT)

Since morality has been discussed much on this list, I thought this "definition" might be of interest -- especially, since many people on the list seem to equate "morality" with "social ethics." If that were so, then morality would be needed only in a society. It would have no meaning for a lone individual.

Daniel Ust

Date: Fri, 3 Jul 1998 22:18:44 -0500 (CDT) From: Michael Hardy <> Subject: proposed definition of morality

I somewhat tentatively propose the following as definitions:

_Morality_ is the deliberate subordination of conduct to normative
principles because such subordination is necessary for the pursuit of excellence.

_Excellence_ is the flourishing of the volitionally created self.

These are heavily theory-laden definitions: Outside the context of a Randian theory of free will they don't make sense.


Michael Hardy