Re: The end of Privacy

Hara Ra (
Fri, 03 Jul 1998 17:10:14 -0700

Jim Barnabee:
>The only real hope I can see for this type of endeavor
>lies in the fact that most governments are extremely ignorant. One 15
>year old with an outmoded commodore and a good brain can do more damage
>to civilian and military infrastructure in most countries than an atomic

Not. Security, control and who gets into what is a major military concern, and most if not all of the really important stuff is not accessible from the outside, let alone a kid with a C-64. There's lots of publicity about breakins to systems which are less than essential, many of which are so poorly administered that the manufacturer's default superuser access codes were never changed. It's a matter of priorities. And pretending vulnerability is a valid military tactic.

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