Re: Vicious Racism

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Date: Sat Aug 04 2001 - 13:17:43 MDT

From: "Mitchell, Jerry (3337)" <>
> Personally, I think the entire article is extremely witty the way it puts
> forth its points. It does so by appearing superficially to be racist, but
> deeper reading show nothing of the kind. You see hatred for blacks in this,
> I see someone that actually would like to see blacks improve their
> condition, I see caring even. The points made are put forth with satire that
> Mark Twain would have been proud of.

I agree with your take on the article. The subject of the article was not
racism, of course. The subject was the "reparations" scheme advanced by
certain groups. Instead of considering the lack of worthiness of this
"reparations" scheme, some people have chosen to divert discussion to racism.
It's the old straw man tactic.

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