Re: When Taxation Might be Necessary

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 08:25:28 MDT

"Mitchell, Jerry (3337)" wrote:
> > Actually, Jefferson thought a revolution every generation
> > would be good,
> > but he, and the rest of them, never built it into the
> > Constitution.
> Acutally, they did put it in there, its called a Jury. Most people have
> no clue about nullifing bad law. A recent issue here in Tampa is a local
> ordinance that dictate exotic dancers must keep 6 feet from customers
> when "table-dancing". When one girl was tried under this new law, the
> jury themselves told reporters afterwards that they wanted to let the
> girl go, but couldnt because the judge told them that the ONLY factor in
> this case was "Did she or did she not get closer then 6ft" and that ALL
> other issues were not to be considered. The FIJA (Fully informed jury
> assoc.) is trying to get the word out on this issue. They have some
> pretty good info on the issue at the website.

THis illustrates that the Jury clause was not defined, that
nullification of bad laws is a constitutional right of juries, which
supports my arguments

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