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From: pchaston (
Date: Sun Jul 22 2001 - 09:58:21 MDT

Mike Lorrey wrote:

Ron, please use text only in your messages, so I can quote properly.

You are correct in your assessment. The purpose of the rioting is to
force the G8 countries to impose martial law-like conditions any time
the leadership meets, so that the 5th ComIntern and its subsidiaries can
claim that they are fascists and oppressors who are not interested in
the rights of the people, etc etc etc. The 'non-violent' groups are
there just to add numbers for PR purposes, the real shock troops are the
'Black Bloc' which dart in and out of the crowd, attempting to piss off
the police enough to trigger atrocities.

Another effect of these riots is to annoy the local residents enough
that they pass permanent local regs curbing rights to demonstrate, etc.
and trained the police to be far less tolerant of the brats who make up
the protest groups. This creates a vicious cycle of oppression and
dissilusionment that helps feed more membership into revolutionary
groups and generates more individuals willing to commit more extreme
acts, which foster greater repression, etc. Eventually, the countries of
the world will choose to impose an international police state that the
collectivists in the NGO groups at the UN will control.


 Remember that some of these anarchists are from middle class
and consider these activities to be a part-time political activity,
time off work to travel to the various summits. In the past, such
recruits to revolutionary movements have travelled across the spectrum
political activism towards terrorism.

 It is possible that the death of a protestor in Genoa could be viewed
as by
anarchists as a declaration of war by the 'capitalist hegemony' to
the them. They may revert to the time honoured traditions of their
predecessors - bombing and assassinating what they consider to be

Given the anti-scientific ideologies that motivate many of these groups,
will they consider laboratories and scientists as their targets?

Philip Chaston

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