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Subject: Re: GENETICS: Enhanced humans are among us!
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> On Fri, Jul 20, 2001 at 05:57:41PM -0700, Ken Clements wrote:
> > If I were going to reproduce myself today, I would
> > not choose my own (mother's) mitochondria to pass on, I would go for
> > mitochondria from ...

From: "Anders Sandberg"
> Are their mitochondria different? .
> But I agree with the general principle: lets make sure our new
> mitochondria are optimal. Maybe with built in safeguards against free
> radicals?

For the pop-sci crowd, one could always have their mitochondrial
traced back to the 33 daughters of Mitochondrial Eve:


Researcher: We descended from 33 daughters of Eve
After taking several thousand DNA samples, the clan mothers in Europe
narrowed down to "The Seven Mothers of Eve," the title of his new book
chronicling his DNA detective work.

"To bring these women alive I gave them names and worked out where they
lived and when. They range from Ursula in Greece 45,000 years ago to
10,000 years ago in Syria -- she came from the Middle East along with
farmers," he said.

"There are roughly 33 equivalent clusters if you take the whole world.
Eventually it all comes down to Mitochondrial Eve in Africa 200,000
ago," he added.

Sykes said "Thousand of people have asked to have a DNA test to find out
they are descended from."

So oxfordancestors.com was set up on the Internet. ---> ---> --->

Discover which Daughter is your Ancestor
We all carry mtDNA inherited from our mothers. Our MatriLine service
analyses your DNA and finds the link between you and your ancestral
mother -
one of the Seven Daughters of Eve if your roots are in Europe.

But you do not have to be European to benefit from the MatriLine
service. We
have an extensive database which will match your DNA to one of the other
clans so far discovered throughout the world
Give the Gift of a Thousand Lifetimes.
Having trouble finding an original gift for the friend who has
Now you can purchase it from Oxford Ancestors.

To mark the publication of "The Seven Daughters of Eve", Oxford
has prepared a special MatriLineT gift pack to provide the ultimate

The attractive pack contains everything needed to take and return a DNA
sample for the test, which will reveal your friend's deep maternal
With the fees prepaid by you, your friend need only collect a few inner
cheek cells, which is completely painless, using the special brush
then mail it back to Oxford Ancestors in the return envelope.

After the analysis, which typically takes 4 - 6 weeks, your friend will
receive the full MatriLineT results service, including:
And you wouldn't want to leave out the Y's!

Unlock the Secrets of the Y-chromosome
Y-Line is our new DNA-based service designed to help you research your
genealogy or family history. Set to revolutionise the art of genealogy,
Y-Line works by producing a genetic signature of your Y-chromosome. This
the chromosome that is passed from father to son.

Although Y-chromosome signatures do change very slowly over time, the
pattern is stable over hundreds of years. This means that male relatives
have an uninterrupted male-male link between them will share the same,
very similar, Y-chromosome signatures. Y-Line is particularly useful
when a
connection between different branches of a family, perhaps with the same
surname, is suspected but cannot be proven from written records. Y-Line,
comparing the Y-chromosome signatures, provides the answer.

Y-Line analyses ten different genetic sites to construct a Y-chromosome


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