Re: global warming and sea level rise

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 18:48:48 MDT

This whole rising-sea exercise has made me focus in on how political views

are put in scientific terms to increase their credibility. Scientific
Creationism is a prime example which has very little to do with
science. The endangered species act allows a few people to go
into the middle of a huge wilderness area then discover some endangered
bug or other, and choke off all development anywhere near their
property, thus causing its value to skyrocket.

Currently in this county the endangered-species-ists are struggling
to block the widening of the artery out of the valley in order to
preserve the checkerspot butterfly, without attempting to explain
how adding another lane would hurt that butterfly. They are really
against adding the lane, which would allow more people to expand
out into wide open spaces. At the same time we have the glass
winged sharpshooter, a bug which devours grapes, which there is
vigorous effort to eradicate. Is not the glass winged sharpshooter
a species?

I favor environmentalism, I like trees and nature, Im all for it.
But the field has been hijacked by statists. If you read over those
references, there is an unspoken assumption that all change
is bad, unconscionable. They spend all their efforts convincing
the proletariat that global warming is real, then dont bother
explaining why it is bad.

Looks to me like more carbon dioxide would be good for
plants which would be good for fish which would be good
for birds, and higher temperatures would make longer
growing seasons which would be good for people. In those
areas which will become too dry, pipe in water from lakes
and quit dumping perfectly good fresh water into the sea
in the form of "wild rivers". Use that fresh water, dont
dump it into the sea! Let us view careful environmental
modification as environmental repair, not destruction. spike

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