abyss staring

From: Spike Jones (spike66@attglobal.net)
Date: Sat Jul 14 2001 - 16:50:57 MDT

John M Grigg wrote:

> I apologize for the confusion I caused by my misquoting of Russell Blackford for Greg Burch, and Samantha Atkins for Spike Jones. ... I suppose I found something Burchian and Jonesian in what I had read... lol

No problem John. We cut you a lotta slack for the following reasons:

1. your dislexia was acting up
2. you were under the influence of a 4-yr old
3. you're a hell of a nice guy.

Besides that, when you quoted Greg Burch saying he was part of
a Christians on Campus something or other, everybody knew
something was up bigtime. {8^D

Altho I didnt agree with the sentiments Samantha wrote and for
which I was credited, her comments were quite eloquently
expressed and did get me thinking, as did Amara's followup.

There is a spiritual side to humans, which we have not yet
discovered how to model on the computer. There is something
in that feeling of staring into the abyss which we do not yet
understand. During my camping trip in the Sierras, I stared
into deep space and tried to imagine away the incomprehensible
distance between here and there. It does something to the
mind which is difficult to reproduce consistently. Traditional
religion does something for some people which we do not
understand currently, but perhaps someday we will. Lets
live and let live, perhaps try to find common ground with
those who are spiritual if possible. spike

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