apology for misquotes!

From: John M Grigg (starman125@lycos.com)
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 18:13:34 MDT

I apologize for the confusion I caused by my misquoting of Russell Blackford for Greg Burch, and Samantha Atkins for Spike Jones. My doing this tends to ruin posts. I suppose I found something Burchian and Jonesian in what I had read... lol

I am amazed I did not accidentally send a birthday greeting to Eliezer instead of Anders! Eliezer seems to have birthdays more often then the rest of us.

I have the habit of cutting and pasting from many different posts in rapid succession without listing the author or topic and then afterward writing my responses. My hope then is to later remember correctly the writers and subjects involved! I must from now on list the author and topic as soon as I have taken the text which interested me.

It did not help that my roommate forced on me her four year-old son as I left the apartment. I was constantly distracted as he went on a rampage in the college computer lab. I think he did have fun though...



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